Bartosz Pranczke Notes

14 ways to spoil the culture of an organization.

  1. Whenever something is not clear, assume malice.
  2. Instead of asking for clarification, show your worst interpretation, but only on the backchannel.
  3. Ask "What the company can do for me" instead of "How can I contribute".
  4. Never show gratitude for somebody's work.
  5. Speak freely about other people's incompetence, preferably behind their backs.
  6. Don't even consider that things around you are the sum of all people's behavior, it's all management's or other department's fault after all.
  7. Think that management is there to make your life in the organization miserable and to exploit you.
  8. Since you despise the organization, just focus on complaining about salaries as it should be paid more for working in a rotten culture.
  9. Try to enforce your vision for fixing social problems. Bonus points for polarizing the whole organization.
  10. Put the spotlight only on bad things. Be the most pessimistic person in the room.
  11. Be proud whenever something goes bad, and you can tell "I told you so".
  12. Drain the energy of other people. It’s a zero sum game.
  13. Don't trust other people. Don't try to understand their context.
  14. Even though you no longer accept the organization, don't leave.
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